ASK ANDY: Dog training without conflict

My name is Mary Klein. My dog training website is named after my huge German Shepherd, Andy. I specialize in training dogs who are large and energetic and wild puppies. I love "out of control" dogs and puppies because their energy can be directed into obeying commands. 

The best way to select a dog trainer is to watch that person training her dog. Does the dog come running at top speed through a group of other dogs to its owner when called once? Does the dog heel perfectly in a crowded park or past a group of children? Does the dog down & stay despite distractions? Is the dog happy while being trained? (Please take a look at the videos of me training Andy on the dog training video page.)

I will teach you step-by-step how to train your dog to be happily obedient in any situation and how to resolve problems, including aggression, biting and leash pulling. My puppy lessons will teach you how to build a strong obedience foundation using everyday situations, play and treats. 

If you are too busy to train your dog, let me. Afterwards I will show you how to maintain your dog's good behavior.

I use positive training techniques that minimize and often eliminate conflict between you and your dog. 

Just Ask Andy, my 100-pound German Shepherd, he'll tell you all about it.

By the age of three, Andy earned four rigorous obedience titles in Germany. He twice scored the highest number of points in trials, Two judges singled him out for his happy, cooperative performance.

I've been professionally training dogs for 10 years and have studied with several of Europe's top dog trainers. I've combined the best of their ideas with my own dog training methods. Andy vom Fichtenschlag is my fourth German Shepherd. After living seven years in Germany and England, we moved to Washington, DC, last year. 

I also work as an artist, photojournalist and writer.

Please check back soon for training videos of my nine-month-old German Shepherd, Adina von den Wannaer Hoehen. She is a GWA (Girl With Attitude).